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Metal dome switch assembly with enhanced snap ratio

[Category : - ELECTRONICS]
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A metal dome switch assembly with a good snap ratio and having a desired click characteristic near to that of an isolated metal dome includes a carrier base layer and adhesive layer which have a plurality of holes bounded by annular sections which engage the lower outer surfaces of the domes and are larger than the keypad actuation posts, at positions corresponding to fixed contact points on a circuit board. The switch array is especially important in cell phone designs where the snap ratio, tactile feel, is desirable. The switch array can also incorporate an electroluminescent (EL) lamp while still improving the snap ratio.

Financial information

Patent is up for renewal at the end of Oct and requires a $4K renewal fee. I haven't really made use of the patent and am simply looking for a small return on my investment.
Will sell the patent for $10K, which covers the initial patent costs, as well as the renewal fee.
This is a solid invention which has been tested and confirmed to improve dome function performance and reduce overall height. With the right company, it could be very profitable.

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