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[Category : - Agriculture]
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The invention relates to a manual appliance for perforating plastic mulch used in farming, which does not require chemical or electrical energy, said appliance comprising a circular saw and a holding cylinder that holds down the plastic mulch such that the circular saw can perforate same. When the user presses the handle of the appliance as the rim of the holding cylinder touches the surface of the plastic mulch to be perforated, the circular saw hidden inside the holding cylinder lowers and rotates simultaneously until a clear circular opening is produced in the sheeting so as to be able plant young plants therein in a simple and economical manner.

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Agricultural plastic mulching covers more than 50 million hectares of agricultural land worldwide, of which more than 18 million hectares are in China alone.
Mulching prevents the growth of weeds so that the light stops reaching its seeds, on the other hand maintains soil moisture, because it prevents water from evaporation, it also maintains the soil temperature during the night, which helps the plants to grow quickly.
However, mulching film perforation remains the most important problem preventing the spread of its use, because it can not be produced perforated because the distance between the holes of culture is very variable according to the type of plant and climate...
Some machines are used to punch the mulching film, heavy ones that are not suitable for work in greenhouses and are expensive, and other light but it is also expensive and consumes a lot of energy, for these reasons most farmers, especially in poor countries, are perforating the mulch in an improvised manner that requires a lot of time and effort...
What made me think of the invention of a simple device, with manual use, lightweight and economic, does not require any chemical or electrical energy, once the nozzle of the device is placed on the place to be punched and pressing on the handle, a specific mechanism automatically makes an orifice in the mulching film.
Easy to manufacture and market because it is lightweight and made with cheap materials, it will reach the user at a cost of less than 12$ (dollars).
This device will facilitate Plasticulture, and contribute to the development of agriculture and increase production, especially in poor countries.

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