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SAFETY DEVICE (Automatic lockout)

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Security and alarms]
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Automatic lockout is a safety device that is invented to allow safety departments on mines to have more control and minimize the risk of unauthorized operators and technicians operating earthmoving machinery or leaving earthmoving machinery unattendend or in a energized state(ideling),preventing machine to be operational when operator fall asleep.

Normally a earthmoving machine have a mechanical (hand )operated mainswitch(lockout switch) that uses a padlock to prevent unauthorized people to use machine.But due to operators and technicians who forget to put padlock or loosing padlock or who simply don't follow lockout procedures,allot of accidents and fatalities occur on mines,because of unauthorized operators or operators that fall asleep.

Automatic lockout is a electronic controlled safety system that replaces the normal mechanical operated mains/isolation switch.The system uses PIR motion sensors to constantly monitor the movement of the operator and if no motion is detected,machine shut down after pre set time period chosen by Safety personal.
System is also pre set to a time period (choosen by user safety department of company) that allows operator to energize his machine,do pre inspection,start machine.But if operator energize machine and leave it unattended or fall asleep at any time period (mains on/left to idle) automatic lockout will switches machine of.

Automatic lockout is also designed in such a manner that installation is little time consuming and have minimum connections on to machines existing harnesses.

Financial information

Earthmoving and mine industries is very large with a lot of safety problems(ingeries,fatalities) and with proper marketing or right contacts in safety industry a large number of Automatic lockout systems can be sold at a profitable price.

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