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The technical field of invention relates to the structural frame joints, mainly for connecting structural frame members in three directions, the application field includes all types and shapes of space frames, scaffolding frames, electric towers for power transmission, tent camp frames, and any similar applications..
The frame nodes should be integrated together with their members to create frame angles which define frame shape. The axis of all members are ended at the centre of the nodes, so all forces shall be axial through member's axis and collected at the node centre preventing creation of moment forces and increase frame stability.
Most used types of space frame’s joint nodes are not pure hinged type, the members are connected to the nodes through bolts to threaded holes, any random applied forces like wind pressure or earth quick, that forces can create bending ad sheer forces at the nodes, That forces may decrease frame stability and connecting bolts broken.
My invention (free spider joint nodes) are hinged joint connectors for structure frame members without using welding or direct bolt fixation, only by using slip pressure fittings. The free spider joint nodes have ability to connect multi members with free and non-predefined in-between member angles. The free spider joint nodes can be disassembled and assembled again to join members for other different frame angles.
.The nodes are mainly consisting of connector groups. The members are fixed to connectors through flanges; those connectors are tightly connected on the central spherical body by group of guide arms and the connector mechanism which is completely independent than frame members. The guide arms pass through the connectors and fixed to the central spherical body through slip pressure fittings, all node angles can be modified and adjusted horizontally and vertically through the connector mechanism, the movement of guide arms is controlled by upper and lower guide base. The free spider joint nodes can connect any tubular bars without pre preparation for tube ends, only the length of the tubes should be adjusted according frame design and directly connected to the connector's flanges using screw bolts.
.I have made some amendments to the invention to avoid the comments of the research report. These amendments were submitted for preliminary examination and I received the research report where all previous observations were avoided. All documents are ready if requested.

Financial information

The free spider joint node are not used for specific angles but can be used for a wide range of angles where the connectors and guide arms are adjustable according to the design.
It is not necessary to make any preparation for the structure member ends, the length of the members are only to be adjusted according to the design, and facilitates the work where the lengths can be adjusted according to the installation conditions on the site contrary to some commonly used types, which needs to prepare the ends of the members and adjust the lengths in advance in specialized workshops.
Any kind of stems can be used, whether pipes or poles round wood or even tree twigs as long as the ends of the circle, that, simplifies the work of space structures and makes it more common and reduces the cost of construction.
So the free spider nodes can be manufactured in advance in quantitative production, which leads to a reduction in their price and availability in the market as any fittings pieces and thus widespread use of a wide range of applications not only for space structures but also for tents and umbrellas and the similar application.
I would like to sell my complete invention for specialist manufacturing company with fair offer, accordingly I will provide the purchaser with all complete AutoCAD design in solid which facilities manufacturing, also one complete prototype with eight guide arms.
Ahmed Kafafi - ([Use the button below to contact me]) - +201001494090

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