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Utility Without rejection!! TRUCK BED COVER AND METHOD THEREOF

[Category : - OTHER- Automotive Accessories - Camping and Outdoors ]
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A universal 2in1 truck bed cover for covering a bed of a truck comprises a top panel; two side panels, each coupled to the top with side hinges at opposite sides of the top, respectively, the two side panels transitionable from parallel with the top to perpendicular with the top; a front panel and a rear panel, each coupled to the top with a front hinge at opposite sides of the top, respectively, and between the two side panels; a bottom lock member on the bottom of each of the two side panels for attaching the two side panel to opposite walls of the truck that define the bed; a top lock member at the top of each of the two sides, each top lock member engages with the side hinges, respectively, to prevent each of the sides from extending past perpendicular with the top when swiveled away from parallel with the top!!!!!!!!. It’s a removable folding basket on top of a truck bed. Have prototype also. Built it myself and have been driving it on my truck for over a year! It allows access from all 3 sides of the truck, is a hard tonneau cover and also turns into a camper.

Financial information

Big Bang for your buck!!! But I would love 50% royalty! Would love to have off my mind and expand but whatever is on your mind is negotiable I believe! Never marketed or sold! Hope to talk to you soon