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[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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A protective petwear collar (20) includes an inflatable bladder (22 and 24) forming a substantially “C” shaped body having an central open area (23) for receiving a neck of a pet and an opening (33) formed by two opposing end portions (34 and 36). The collar includes fasteners (25, 27, 28) for securing the two opposing end portions. The inflatable bladder expands radially outward from a dog. Works like a “cone of shame” without all the disadvantages.
Comfortable to eat and sleep with.
A hemp fabric cover would be ideal. Strong, hypo-allergenic, cool in hot weather, eco friendly fabric & uv resistant.
I was not able to upload the .jpg files and there doesn’t seem to be anyone to help. Sorry ????

Financial information

We would license or sell the patent. I was unable to up load photos
so Link is our website. The patent is for the KONG Cushion which appears on that website. Our original patent was manufactured and sold as BooBooLoon. After we received our patent in 2014 we licensed it to The KONG Company in Bolder, CO. It was then sold as the KONG Cushion. We would like to move on from this licensing agreement. We think the market is tremendous as people are spending more and more on their pets. If there’s anything else that I’ve left off please get in touch.

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