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"Central rotor side seal in the compressor or vane pump"

[Category : - Pumps]
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The invention relates to a lateral seal of a ccompressor or vane pump.
The sealing can be made of a carbon compocite that seals
individual sectors between the blades and separates the
discharge zone by d suction zone. The use of this seal allows
an increase in the distance between the rotor and the lateral
planes of the side covers.

Application - compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers,
pneumatic and steam engines.

1) Increasing the volumetric efficiency, especially of the dry gas pump (without oil).
2) Increase in discharge pressure.
3) The possibility of using a controlled gap (Y) between the side covers and the rotor planes is independent from the thermal expansion of the pump structure.
4) Increased gap (Y) between the rotor and covers and the absence of any scratches on the side covers that may be caused by the rotor's contact with the side cover will reduce the grinding of the blades' sides with these scratches and thus increase the life of the blades.
5) The central side seal of the rotor will additionally shield the shaft axis together with the bearings creating an additional degree of mechanical seal.
6) During operation, the pump will be a more sealed barrier for the receding medium.
7) This type of sealing can be used in all types of vane pumps as well as hydraulic and pneumatic motors.

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