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New Wind Energy Plant

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The invention is a new way of harvesting wind energy without rotors.
It can harvest wind energy in a quiet way and is sizable from small to big.
The main benefits are the noise reduction and harmlessness for flying animals. Harvesting wind energy with this device does not kill animals.
The company Festo is experimenting with a different device that is wing-based device as well.

This is the abstract:

The invention relates to a wind energy harvester having a tilting vane (11), which can be aligned against the wind direction (W), a longitudinal element (15) connected thereto, which can be moved up and down, and a retaining device (13) guiding same. According to the invention, the longitudinal element (15) is operatively connected to an energy conversion device (16), wherein electrical energy or another form of energy can be generated by the movement of the longitudinal element (15). The vane (11) is mounted on the one longitudinal element (15) about a swivel axis (A) extending crosswise thereto, wherein the longitudinal element (15) having the vane (11) is positioned in a free-standing manner, preferably on either side of a tiltable vane, and the vane is movable up and down together with the longitudinal element by the luffing generated by the wind, wherein the longitudinal element (15) interacts with a spring element (21). This results in an extremely simple and efficient structure of the plant because no additional means need to be used.

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