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HEDJAK!! The Worlds Greatest Hoodie!! We've Got You Covered!!

[Category : - Wearing apparel- Camping and Outdoors - Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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A garment comprising a cover having a lower edge attached substantially to the circumference of a neck of the garment and an upper edge that is attached to a hat. The cover having an opening for the wearer .
HEDJAK(head jacket ) Is the worlds greatest hoodie! By modifying the hood and attaching the hat/cap you gain four significant advantages.
1. With HEDJAK you gain 100% peripheral vision. Classic hoodies cause tunnel vision.
2. With HEDJAK the cap/hat is attached and you will never lose it. Classic hoodies require a cap under the hood in the cold and losing the cap is more than likely.
3. With HEDJAK the hood sits closer to your neck and face and will keep you warmer. Classic hoodie is loose fitting and allows cold air in.
4) With HEDJAK doesn't allow billowing of the hood when the wind blows. Classic hoodies fill with air when the wind blows,

There are lots of videos on YOUTUBE. Just search HEDJAK
This is one of 4 US Patents.
We have 2 Utility 8,806,664 & 9,320,310 and 2 Design D716,002s & D744,725s,

We are seeking to sell or license

Financial information

We are seeking outright sale or license with royalties. We are open to being creative with a deal as long as everybody has the same end goal.
We have made and sold these on a small scale perfecting HEDJAK as we went along. But we are not in the clothing business. We are looking for someone that has that experience and take HEDJAK to the next level and beyond.

HEDJAK has tremendous potential for sports teams and super hero licensing

HEDJAK has huge commercial/industrial applications with the 100% periphreal and no draw string design.

HEDJAK has no age or gender limitations.

HEDJAK has a very basic website Link

HEDJAK is a registered trade mark

There are 4 patents total with this deal
Qty 2 Utility
Qty 2 Design

I would love to hear your vision for HEDJAK!

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