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[Category : - HEALTH]
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In the health sector, many instruments are used for surgical purposes.
Some of the instruments used in the surgical field consist of structures that provide
gripping, grasping, clamping and cutting functions between two arms thereof.
The most widely used types of these structures are needle holders, forceps, clamps which have gripping, grasping, clamping and releasing functions and scissors which have cutting functions between two arms thereof.
Needle holders are used for suturing and for grabbing and gripping the tissues and various surgical materials in the surgical field as well as suturing process.
Forceps are used to grip and/or clamp the tissues and vessels during surgical operations. On the other hand they can be used to remove the baby during some birth processes.
Currently, when using the instruments mentioned above, the surgeon has to give a certain angle to his/her hand, arm and even body in order to use that instrument at the proper angle.
For surgeons with adequate surgical background and hand skills, the procedure can
often be performed without difficulty. However, it can be very difficult to operate a very
narrow and constricted surgical area in the case of emergency and patients with heavy bleeding. In some cases, the surgeon has just one chance to intervene and it is vital
that the operation is performed in a single move.
Therefore, in such cases, the functionality of the instrument used is also of great importance as much as the experience and attention of the surgeon.
Because of the disadvantages mentioned above, various improvements have been
made in surgical instruments. The Patent Document No. 2014/11374 “Innovation in Flexible Clamps” is an example
of such improvements.
In the mentioned invention, disclosed is a multi-purpose clamp structure which
comprises a cap exchanging apparatus allowing the desired cap to be attached to the flexible clamp, and a cap adjusting area located between a clamp handle allowing the
attached vessel holder to be adjusted with the desired opening and a flexible rope, and
which has a replaceable cap used in order to make the surgical field of view wider and
to minimize the tool usage in the minimal invasive surgeries. In the Patent Document No. 2015/16182 “Surgical Scissors with Adjustable Tips”,
disclosed is a pair of scissors structure which is characterized by at least two scissors;
at least two handles, two ends of which are fastened to the scissors tips, for gripping
and using the scissors; at least two drawing apparatus that allows the scissors tips to
be adjusted at different angles and can be mounted to the scissors handles; and at least two pushing springs that move by drawing the drawing apparatus and allow the
sharp inner edges to be fixed at different angles by enabling the scissors tips to stay in
the recesses on the threaded body structure, and which is used for cutting the vessels
during cardiovascular surgeries. In the document No. 2016/06657 “A wide-angle laparoscopic needle holder”, also
disclosed is a wide-angle laparoscopic needle holder which consists of an arm, a
moveable arm, a needle holding surface, a stationary arm, a part that transfers the
movement from the mechanism to the handle and a motion slot, and which is
characterized by an extended motion slot in order to make the thread gripping angle at least 160°.
Currently, angled needle holders, forceps and scissors are available and widely used.
Some of these structures have a body or arm form inclined at a fixed angle and do not
have a moveable articulating structure which can form many angles. In this case, the
surgeon has to work with the fixed angle of said instruments.
Flexible surgical instruments obtain their bending and angle forming functions by means of tip portions thereof providing gripping and/or cutting functions and cannot be bent from their bodies such that they form various angles in both planes.
The object of the invention is to allow the surgical instruments that provide gripping,
grasping, clamping and cutting functions between two arms thereof in every dimension
and every way owing to their movable articulations to form the angle desired by the surgeons, thereby providing a fast, safe and efficient application even in narrow and/or deep surgical areas by maintaining the angle adopted.

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