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[Category : - Navigation and orientation]
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Vehicles are equipped with Free-Space-Optics (FSO) transceivers for establishing one or more inter-vehicle communication links. A vehicle, mounted with one or one or more FSO transceiver unit, may enable the individual driver to initiate and engage automated communication, exchanging vehicle, road, or driving environment conditions, with another vehicle, forming a vehicle communication network.
Transmit and Receive functions may be through every light on the car in either or both visible or non-visible bands. The communication further may be bi-directional from a vehicle to roadway devices, such as streetlights or stoplights, or other lighting systems along the way.
A group of vehicles may spontaneously, opportunistically, or automatically communicate with each other, forming a vehicle communication network.
The FSO transceiver unit can communicate independently or concomitantly and determine one or more inter-vehicle distance, range, location, speed, velocity, acceleration, using a position locating and range measurement system.
Each vehicle can perform unicast, multicast, or broadcast communication using an On-Board Unit containing hardware and software to enable access to the in-vehicle bus systems to collect vehicle information for dissemination in real-time.

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