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Rotary handle for fire extinguishers

[Category : - OTHER- Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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Hanger and swivel handle for fire extinguishers Hanger and swivel handle for fire extinguishers is an innovative product that was not previously available on the market. The presented invention to a large extent facilitates the cyclical inspection and maintenance of extinguishers (about 1 time per month), which is a result of the law.

Moreover, this hanger and swivel handle for extinguishers solves the existing problem of workers' health overload related to spinal injuries resulting from work, because it allows to perform fire extinguisher inspections without the need to remove it from the wall.

Summary of problems solved by the invention:
-Inspections are regulated by law (once a month)
-Employee exposure to health problems
-For women, the inspection of fire extinguishers is a very onerous task.
-Possibility of fire extinguisher damage if dropped
-Agglomerated extinguishing powder prevents the use of extinguishers
-Inaccuracy of inspection carried out.

The aim of the invention is to develop a simple construction enabling the extinguisher to be rotated without the need to remove it from the wall, with minimal physical effort, so that its periodic rotation can be performed by any person who will undergo a typical, commonly conducted training in occupational safety and health.

Financial information

Good Day

I would like to invite you to business cooperation on the project of an innovative rotating handle for extinguishers designed for buildings and ships, which facilitates periodic inspections of extinguishers required by law (not to be confused with the extinguisher service).

The handle relieves the spine, prevents injuries to the skeletal and muscular system and accelerates and facilitates inspections. It has received many positive opinions from end users (performing inspections) and representatives of Polish and foreign state institutions (CIOP, Medical Institute of ?ód?, PRS, IMO, Polish Centre for IMO), as well as from physicians (internist, maritime medicine specialist, Tropical medicine specialist).

The handle was submitted to the "Polish National Competition for the Improvement of Working Conditions", which is co-organised by, among others Polish Working Conditions Control Office and insurance institutions in order to gain new business contacts and optimally win the main prize.

Due to the above mentioned large support, actions have been taken to amend the Polish and international legal regulations in order to precisely regulate the process of conducting fire extinguisher inspections and, above all, to protect people from spinal injuries, which is to ensure that only fire extinguisher holders that relieve the spine during inspections will be installed in new buildings/ships and optimally should be replaced in old facilities. We are already invited to take part in discussions on these regulations.

I encourage you to watch the interview on YouTube about the handle, where they talked about the inspection, risks during the inspection, the advantages of the handle and the above mentioned opinions:


The EU is organising a 2-year campaign next year focusing on the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which gives the idea great potential for EU support.

Ultimately, thanks to the feedback and information we have gained, we believe that the business potential of this solution is huge, so we are looking for partners to distribute the handle and/or implement it.

Are you interested in cooperation with us?

I’m waiting for your reply.

Additional information about the project can be found in the article: Link

Best Regards

Kamil Lagiewka

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