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[Category : - Agriculture]
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A method to reduce the amount of irrigation water wherein the device is made of combusted product in cylinder shape (the device) made of biomass at 4 cm./6 cm./8 cm. diameter to be inserted in various depths, sizes/length under the source of water irrigation in proximity to tree or plant and in different numbers according to the season. The device has ability to absorb and store irrigation water in high capacity up to 300% in higher quantity than soil ground making it as sustainable source to supply the roots of a tree or plant by water in areas which suffer from shortfall of rain, with poor type of soil and depletion of underground water reservoir. The device will absorb water and make the surrounding soil constantly moisture and wet by allowing diffusion of water from device.

The same device is also patented in GCC Patent Office
GCC Patent No. : GC0008852

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