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[Category : - CHEMISTRY- Automotive Accessories - RENEWABLE ENERGY]
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A hybrid nanocomposite useful as a cathode in high discharge capacity rechargeable batteries is provided. The nanocomposite includes polyaniline macromolecules in the state of emeraldine base that are located between 2D particles of nanostructured graphite or few-layered graphene. The nanocomposite possesses high charge/discharge characteristics. A solvent-free mechanochemical method for the preparation of the hybrid nanocomposites is also provided.

Financial information

Inventor-applicant is looking for opportunties:
1. Sell his invention. Price before 01.01.2020 is $1 mln.
2. License his invention. Price before 01.01.2020 is $500,000.
3. Further develop his technology in partnership. Amount of investmens before 01.12.2019 is $100.000.

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