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Stroller/Pram - Travel In Style

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Aurora Baby is a UK company with patents that include, A Stroller comprising of light reflecting properties.

Aurora Baby has many products on the market, which is either TradeMarked or patent protected in some form.
Aurora Baby is opening up its products for white labelling, licensing and/or interested in Joint Ventures (JV).

Aurora Baby have invented and patented a kids stroller that will have the ability using one or more methods to change colour and or reflect the sunlight.

Parents have been growing concerned with hot summers and leaving their babies in prams/stroller's for too long causing serious overheating and potential injuries.
Aurora Baby have designed a stroller that tackles this concern, they have developed a stroller that will change from a dark colour to a light colour, the light colour will reduce the heat absorption by the stroller by reflecting the hot sunlight.

The stroller changing colour in direct sunlight on a hot summers day in the park can reduce the inside temperature by as much as half, thus making the stroller a more comfortable environment for baby.
The stroller also has the function to have a temperature sensor fitted so that it can send a temperature warning to mums/dads phone via our app (under construction).

Aurora Baby have the following products:

1. Temperature Sensitive Kids Clothing
2. Co-sleeping Nest
3. Infant sleeping bag
4. Infant white noise sleep aid (Honey Bear)
5. Kids Books printed and digital

The above all have a form of Intellectual Property protection.

Aurora Baby have other patents submitted, with further products in development or testing, Aurora Baby is currently working on animation of their TradeMarked characters.

For more information on Aurora Baby products please contact us here or via any of our platforms as they look for global expansion.
Please check our social media:

FB: Aurorababy
Twitter: @aurorababyco

IG: @aurorababyofficial
IG @honeybear_adventures

Youtube: Aurora Baby Official
Youtube: Honey Bear & Friends

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