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Wine Parasol

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(Patent Pending). #. US 62/921,544
2nd provisional # US 62/974,449

(Please scroll down to the bottom for pictures of a prototype)

Field of invention: Event decor, wine accessories and gifts.

When seated at a table outdoors, the sun can shine on your food or in your eyes And sometimes the heat from the sun can heat your wine or your food items. The Wine Parasol is adjustable and movable in a way that is convenient for you to block the sun. No matter where the sun is positioned, the Wine Parasol can move up, down, and rotate 360 degrees. Take a traditional parasol umbrella for example in a centerpiece; A person would have trouble moving the parasol around to provide shade and the angle is limited. The wine Parasol can even accommodate a 180 degree position. The Wine Parasol Uses a small wind resistant tripod; makes the Parasol absolutely wind proof! Can be used when taking a walk.

1. Provides a cool Parasol for a Wine bottle
2. Can be used with empty bottles while drinking from another.
3. made customized for designs
4. Can be used for parties or occasions.
5. Can be Made with a custom company logo
6. Compact, easy to use
7. Strong and Sturdy
8. It's an Independent wine preserver
9. Can Come in a selection of colors.
10. 2.0-2.5 feet diameter parasol
11. manually adjustable for any angle.
12. Lightweight bamboo structure
13. Can be spread out by a flick of the wrist. Or, slowly by hand. (Connects hands free magnetically)
14. Take absolutely anywhere!
When using, use for a parasol at your table with a wine bottle decor.
15. Perfect for centerpieces
If you or your company are interested in this concept, please reply on this site, or contact: Dibzy LLC. Carolyn Taylor; 937-260-3184

Financial information

Dibzy LLC. Is looking for a manufacturer to license this product for a royalty share or someone who wishes to buy outright.
This product has a great market potential; the product can be used for wine promotion and or for resorts, restaurants, or parties and occasions!

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