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Instant cooling wraps for horses (and people) that require only water and air to stay cool all day long - no electricity or chemicals involved. All wraps are machine washable and reusable.

Financial information

According to the 2017 Economic Impact Study of the U.S. Horse Industry by The American Horse Council Foundation (AHCF), the U.S. horse industry has an economic impact of around $122 billion, Target buyers of ECD products are primarily in the sport horse industry, however thanks to both the therapeutic and comfort value of these products (sold at affordable pricing), our products are used by owners of horses in every discipline from sport to recreational.

The past six years solidifying the existing designs through extensive field testing as well as R&D of this largely new and untapped market. This product line would be a perfect addition for a company who already sells other equine products as it would be a very easy add for an existing clientele base (tack shops, large distributors, direct to consumer). Would include fully-loaded eCommerce website, trademark and marketing database (logos, photos, and marketing designs including brochures in English, French, Spanish & German).

We are looking for someone interested in an outright sale with consulting.

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