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Novel light aircraft Airsurfboard

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“Airsurfing - Sport of the Future” project is launching on market new exclusive product Airsurfboard. Patent Pending Invention (US 62/838,506) allow you to get the exclusive license to manufacture and sale innovative Invention, training courses.rnrnAirsurfing is a new innovative air sport that is gliding and soaring flight on the upper surface of a special board (Airsurfboard), which is controlled by the rider’s body position changing.rnrnThe task of transformation the wave surfboard to the air environment is solved by the present invention: a light aircraft called Airsurfboard, which is a reliable and safe device for gliding of a person on the airflows. Light aircraft is made in the shape of a wave surfboard and with sufficient surface for providing the necessary lifting force for air gliding, so the rider, usually standing on the upper surface of the Airsurfboard, is able to soar in the air, enjoying flying on the airflows. Airsurfboard will be widely demanded for both air sports and military aviation. rnrnPatent Pending Invention “Novel light aircraft Airsurfboard and technique of its applying Airsurfing” (United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Application Number is US 62/838,506) includes several types of Airsurfboard modifications, including: Airsurfboard made in a monolithic structure version; Airsurfboard made in a frame-fabric structure; Airsurfboard equipped with a special leaf device the Airleaf; Airsurfboard equipped with a special motorized powerplant (Motoairsurfboard).rnThe invention includes various riding technics on the Airsurfboard, including using the additional force of the towing equipment.rnThe invention includes all the Safety methods for safe learning and riding proses ensuring.rnrn“Airsurfing - Sport of the Future” project makes it real to surf in the air environment!rn

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