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The door saver pro is a shield that protects doors of mobile and manufactured homes but also all doors that have at least a 1/2 inch raised door frame.

There are estimated 10.5 million mobile or manufactured homes in the USA which have potentially a use for the Door Saver Pro.

It protects from wind, rain, sleet and all inclement weather that might damage storm doors or doors without storm door protection.

There is no present shield or product that protects doors from wind and weather related damage currently on the market.

Financial information

Seeking a company or individual buyer for our patent pending product (Door Saver Pro), or a company to license the rights to the Door Saver Pro and the *Door Saver Pro II.

The Door Saver Pro is test marketed proven. We have a commercial package for the door saver pro and have sold it to consumers and companies in the mobile home communities business.

The market potential for the Door Saver Pro in the mobile and manufactured home business is extensive. There are estimated 10.5 million mobile homes across the U.S. and growing.

There is a big problem with high winds and nasty weather related damage not only to mobile homes screen doors, but also all doors in general that are subjected to windy conditions. The Door Saver Pro solves this problem.

You can view our website @

*The Door Saver Pro II is designed for doors that don't have screen door protection as it covers all sides of the doorway (top, left and right sides). This protection keeps snow, sleet and rain from the door stoops that can wreck the trim and cause slippery and wet condition going into the home.

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