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10 star air conditioner

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Application no in India is 201921036569 dated 11 sep 19 and publised on 25 oct 19.

Air-conditioner merits are
A. Half the electricity consumption of existing air conditioner.
B. Auto cleaning of out side fins so annual serviceing charges will be reduce.
C. Auto cleaning will help the air conditioner to run at full efficiency throughout the season, compare to others which are serviced only in march Or April and again dust block the cooling coil in June or July.
D. Reduction in out side pollution particularly ppm 2.5 and ppm 10 by spray of water.
E. Half heat rejection outside compare to other air conditioner.
F. More effective at high outside temperature such as 45 and above when other air conditioner are start tripping.
G. Less water consumption as compare to air cooler.
H. Indirectly saving large amount of water at production end of electricity.

Government point of view.
A. Efficiency
B. Less heat outside.
C. Reducing outside pollution

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