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Universally Attachable Dog Walker's Convenience Leash Bag

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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Universally-attachable leash bag for the sanitary collection and transport of pet waste in an interior pocket for getting waste from pick-up to an appropriate waste receptacle; also includes exterior pockets for transporting personal Items needed on a walk with dog, such as cell phone, hand sanitizer, keys, waste bags, etc.

One embodiment of a universally attachable leash bag having an interior chamber for temporary storage of retrieved pet waste secured in waste bags and exterior pockets for supplies or personal belongings. Bag is formed of a single piece of material fitted with a zipper along the lower edges and partially up the side edges. When engaged, zipper creates a bag form with interior chamber. Zipper is utilized when emptying the chamber to prevent pet owner from direct handling of waste. The vertically extended sides of the bag, fitted with corresponding members of hook-and-loop tape, feed through the pet leash handle forming a secure method of attachment. The front edge of leash bag is fitted with a reinforcing device to create an opening for the extended end of the leash to pass through creating a secondary means of attachment and a utility hook for carrying items or tertiary means of attachment.

Financial information

The world-wide pet industry reached over 110 BILLION dollars in 2017! Today nearly 70% of all U.S. households own a pet, with some 60.2 million households owning dogs, according to the American Pet Products Association.

Forbes states, "People who own pets take their responsibilities as pet parents very seriously. That adds up to quite a lot of money, some $72.1 billion in the U.S. this year, up 8.1% from 2016. Pet food gets the lion’s share of this spending, or about 42% of the total.

"But increasingly everything that people need for themselves, they also need for their pets, so they are willing to splurge on luxuries like beds, toys, clothing, travel accessories, gifts and grooming services, along with the necessities including collars, leashes, bowls, medicine and veterinary services."

To get or increase your share of this industry, this product ticks off many boxes! With dog owner's spending time with their dogs, one of the most negative aspects is picking up dog waste and having to walk along carrying a plastic waste bag. With this new leash bag, they can scoop the waste and toss the filled bag within the inner pocket of the leash bag, move along without missing a step or the embarrassment of carrying a bag of poop! The convenience offered in this bag is priceless--one can carry emergency medications, cell phone, car keys, garage door opener, a bottle of water, sunglasses, hand sanitizer...virtually anything needed for an outing with the dog.

The bag is easy to attach, simple to use, has a slim profile, an open-top inner compartment so tossing a full bag inside can be a fluid motion (no clasps or latches or flaps to open), and has a convenient Zip 'n Tip feature which allows emptying full bags without ever having to re-handle them.

Simple design to manufacture; convenient and easy for the end-user; and it addresses a problem every dog walker has--how to manage the transportation--discreetly--of their dog's waste. This product allows the user to simply hold their dog's leash, leaving the other hand free.

My focus was on the creation and personal use, but I have sold online and they are well received by the general public!

This product helps the dog owner/consumer take the "ewwww" out of picking up dog poo!

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