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The invention relates to an automatically adjustable pillow for maintaining the alignment between the neck and the spine, according to which a person lying on the bed can achieve a specific ideal pillow height for various postures. In other words, when the person is lying on their side with their head resting on the pillow portion, the height thereof is at its maximum, and when the person is lying on their back or front, the height of the pillow is at its minimum. For this purpose, a motion detector, positioned adequately, is provided so as to inform of the posture of the person who is lying on the bed, as well as a pillow-shaped inflatable surface on which the person rests their head, which inflates and deflates as the linear actuator compresses or decompresses the bag. This variation of the pressure inside the bag produced by the linear actuator is directed by the motion detector, which varies its signal depending on whether or not it encounters an obstacle.

I have made a prototype of the pillow with ordinary products and it worked correctly. In this solution of construction of the prototype, it has cost me approximately € 80. Using the following products:

- Inflatable camping mat € 15
- 220v to 12v power adapter € 6
- Linear actuator € 25
- Motion detector with a range of 80 cm € 4
- Detector support € 5
- 2 relays € 3
- Wooden bellows compression base € 12
- Other products € 10

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