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Hands Free Hand Wash

[Category : - CONSTRUCTION HOME IMPROVEMENT- Fishing and hunting- Cleaning devices]
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My invention came out of a personal need. For fiscal reasons, I work on my own vehicles. While doing so, I never where gloves. They just get in the way and, for me, I like feeling what I am working on. Because of this, my hands would get very dirty. There was no way for me to clean them by myself without getting something else dirty like the door knob that needed to be turned to get back into the house for sink access. Or the knob on my water spigot outside. So, wanting to avoid the cycle of cleaning and the grief I may receive from my wife, I invented the Hands Free Hand Wash. Its a simple spring closed valve with a pedal that you step on to open it. Simply connect it to the spigot and turn it on before you begin work and when you need to wash your hands, step on the pedal and you get free flowing water without getting anything else dirty. It has been a time and water saver. There are foot actuated valves already out there, but mine is portable and incredibly simple. I conceived the idea, went to the hardware store, and with some simple hand tool work, had a working hands free water delivery system. It can be used in many different settings where hands may be occupied. From lawn and garden, to mechanic shops, to chemical plants and campsites, its function, simplicity and compact portability make it a great little invention.

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