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Mobile service ordering system

[Category : - Ordering and selling methods]
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Abstract Disclosed is a method for establishing an agreement for provision of a service in a system comprising a server (106) mobile customer terminals (115) and mobile supplier terminals 5 (107) communicating over a mobile network (121), the method comprising the steps of (a) receiving (404) from a mobile customer terminal a request for provision of the service (b), storing on the server said request, (c) receiving (504) from a supplier terminal a request to specify customer terminals that have requested provision of the service, (d) communicating (505) by the server locations of active terminals to the mobile supplier terminal, (e) 10 selecting (507) by the mobile supplier terminal one of the active terminals, (f) establishing (508) a communication connection between the mobile supplier terminal and the selected active terminal, and (g) directing (509) the server to delete the stored location and request of the selected active terminal.

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