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hydraulic smart valve

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Hydraulic smart valve
Hydraulic smart valve is used in the transmission of liquids, gases, dams, refineries and industrial plants. Hydraulic smart valve prevents breakage and bursting of liquids and gases due to the extra pressure of the lines. For example, if the nominal pressure of the transmission pipelines is 10 atmospheric, by installing the valve, if under any circumstances such as human error or other breakdowns in the pipeline, the pressure exceeds the nominal pressure, the valve Hydraulic safety operates completely automatically without the need for any force, removing excess pressure on the pipeline, maintaining normal pressure on the pipe, and preventing any irreversible liquids wasting and losses. Another advantage of hydraulic safety valve is the valve messenger system which, if the valve is operated safely and there is additional pressure on the pipeline, automatically starts to send messages to the control centers specified in the system until the valve has been operated. After the pipeline problem is resolved, the hydraulic valve automatically closes the pipeline outlet without human intervention, returning the pipeline to normal and reporting the problem. Also, if the hydraulic valve is in trouble for any reason and fails to act, it will promptly call SMS, call, film and photo to the control centers and notify the non-operating valve to tgr center for providing quick fixes to prevent problems and prevent damages. Researches have shown that hydraulic smart safety valve has no internal similarity and no similar performance has been found in external investigations. It is manufactured and operated at a specific pressure interval and is used in industrial boilers to prevent boilers from exploding at high temperatures.
The advantage of hydraulic intelligent safety valve is as follows
1. Unique and customizable design from 125mm (5 inch) to 1000mm (40 inch)
2. Nominal pressure adjustment capability from (0.5 atm to 50 atm)
3. Ability to use in all liquids, gases, drinking and municipal water distribution networks, refineries, barrier industries
4. Operation and pressure control of transmission lines and all the above mentioned in a very smart way and without the need for any manpower
5. Equipped with a messaging system, phone calls, video and photo uploads to the centers defined by the tap.
6. Ability to install and connect to telecommunication centers and optical fibers and telecommunication servers, as all lines of the oil company are equipped with optical fibers.
7. Automatic notice of failure of the valve to release double pressure and keep the lines in their normal state by alert the breakage of the pipes and loss possibility.
8. Easy and simple maintenance.
9. Quick installation and setting up the valve and defining it to the pipeline and entering it to the circuit.

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