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Problems in populated country like India

India’s mobile subscriptions have touched 1.01 billion. Despite this, call drop continues to be a huge menace. A service provider of a mobile network provides good strength in one area and bad signal strength in another. This happens because the mobile towers fail to cover an area that is sufficient to provide adequate signal strength throughout.

Call Drops directly impact the primary offering of telecom service providers. The mobile device user will be unable to transfer voice signals without any noise or interruption. The call drop also has a major influence on the perception of the customer on the quality of service offered by a telecom service provider. Neither the government nor telecom service providers have any solution for this. The only solution that a lot of consumers resort to is changing the service provider. This is definitely not a permanent solution, as the new service provider will also have areas with insufficient network coverage.

All the solutions in the prior art, require the user to add, either a transmitter or hardware to his phone or the user is required to buy a signal amplifier at his premises to get adequate connectivity. This becomes very expensive and difficult for the user. Therefore, there is a need to develop a system and a method for allowing user to select the mobile network based on signal strength and continuous mobile networking without call drop. Further, there is a need to develop a system and a method to provide access to all mobile networks in an area without a need for changing the hardware.

Problem my patent solves

I have provided a system and a method for allowing user to select a mobile network based on signal strength of the network, and providing continuous mobile networking without a call drop. More specifically, a system and a method to allow the user to access all
mobile networks which has relatively higher signal strength in an area, without a need for changing the hardware or SIM card.

The system for providing continuous mobile networking comprises an end user, a signal selection app, a host network provider, a host network, a plurality of partner provider and a plurality of partner network. The partner provider further comprises a network facing system and billing system.

The system allows the user to login through a mobile interface provided in the signal selection app. The signal selection app allows the user to find either a host network provider or a partner network provider that has relatively higher signal strength. The signal selection app compares the signal strength in a specific area for all available network service providers. The signal strength of the host network provider is identified by tracking the current location of the user’s mobile device. However, partner network providers signal strength is analyzed by identifying a mobile tower available in that specific area/location using network facing system. Further, the system allows the user to select the appropriate network provider and accordingly the user can utilize the network. The network may be either a partner network or a host network. Depending on the usage of the partner network, the network facing system provides a bill to the host network provider using the billing system. Further, the billing system also generates a consolidated bill for the overall network usage.

The signal selection or network provider selection can be done either in manual or automatic journey mode. In the manual journey mode, the user has to login to the signal selection app using a user ID. After that, the signal selection app can display the signal strength of the host network and nearby other partner networks. From the list, the system allows the user to select the network provider depending on the signal strength of that network in the area.

In the automatic journey mode, the user has to login to the signal selection app using a user ID. After that, the system allows the user to change the settings of the signal selection app to automatic signal selection mode. The system can provide alert messages about the signal strength of the current network service provider. If some other network has higher signal strength compared to the network the user is currently using then the signal selection app automatically switches the network service provider. The system can also display a message regarding the change in network provider.

Financial information

The owner of this patent can have a monopoly in a market like India.
Indian has 1.1 billion mobile users and having a patent like this can boost any telco's chances in Indian market.

I am eyeing a upfront fees and a royalty on monthly basis. My patent is published with Indian Patents Office (I can provide all proofs regarding my patent) and is currently being examined. Once approved, I will triple the fees. I am looking for any early buyers at this stage.

The market potential of this invention is around 30 billion dollars

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