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Hottube Inline water heater

[Category : - RENEWABLE ENERGY- Heating & Cooling]
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Electrical resistance heating elements (100) are provided which are useful in heating fluid mediums, such as air and water. The heating elements include an element body (100) having a supporting surface (10) and a resistance wire (14) wound onto the supporting surface (10) which is connected to a pair of terminal end portions (16 and 12). Disposed over the resistance wire (14), and over most of the supporting surface (10), is a polymeric coating (30) which hermetically encapsulates and electrically insulates the resistance wire (14) from the fluids to be heated. This thermally-conductive polymer coating (30) has a thermal conductivity value of at least about 0.5 W/mK. Improved properties are preferably provided by ceramic powder, aluminum oxide and magnesium oxide, and glass fiber additives. A typical geyser stores 150l where as Hottube 1L leaving the reservoirs full at 90% capacity. Electrical source ac dc solar and PV panel, saving of at least 50% electricity, water damage for property and Insurance claims are reduced from 150 L to 1 L of water damage. A continuous flow of up to to 72 hours of hot water means no more cold baths or showers. Suitable for basins and sinks this dual element system is also a huge space saver compared to a typical boiler or heater system. Approximately 55 cm by 110mm diameter with a weight of 5 kg whereas a typical water heating system of a geyser or boiler comes in at a minimum of 1.2m x 55/65mm circumference. Ideal for commercial and industrial as well as rural areas.

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