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Water consumption Reducer Machine at Washing machine

[Category : - Cleaning devices]
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Water consumption Reducer Machine at Washing machine and Dishwasher.rn Due to the importance of water as a vital material and also as an environmental pollutant in the form of sewage, the designed device can greatly reduce the amount of water consumed and prevent it from being converted into sewage. The exhaust pipe of the Washing machine or Dishwasher is attached to the machine instead of the sewer valve, separating the water from any contamination by using a highly innovative and economical filter that effectively removes the foam and contaminants in the water used by the machine. The water coming out of the machine is completely refined and returned to the washing cycle.rn Measuring the outlet water in the washing machine indicates that at each wash, the amount of water consumed in twin or semi-automatic washing machines is 360 to 420 liters, which is reduced by half in automatic washing machines. However, with this reducing device, water consumption is reduced to one fifth, saving about 70% to 80% of water used for washing.

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