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The purpose of this system is to provide the SOF soldier or L&E Officer with an Integrated Combat System that has been designed to work in those special covert missions where a very low recognition profile is required, been able to carry a primary weapon, such as an assault rifle, SMG or PDW, a secondary weapon, such as a handgun or grenade launcher, a full armour vest, including soft armour inserts and hard armour plates, and mission equipment, such as spare magazines, FAK, radio set, identification, and exfiltration means, cloaked as a sport backpack.
SOF members should be able to insert into an urban area disguised as tourists, by bus or car, approaching the target by different vectors, converge at an initial point, perform the mission, and proceed to the planned exfiltration point, or blend with the population.
The time lapse between initial point and contact point is crucial. Neighbours, centinels, animals or close circuit video cameras may alert from the SOF presence in the area, so the hostile key element may repel, counterattack or escape. Near future situations will reduce that time to a minimum, so the SOF will not have enough time to ready their weapons, and mission equipment.
For reset the balance, a new approach is needed. The SOF members may use an integrated combat system when they are working mingled with the crowd, while they perform anti-terrorist, counter-terrorist, hostage rescue, search and destroy or embassy protection missions dressed in street clothes.
This particular gear will provide a tactical advantage, and will reduce their exposure to hostile recognition to a minimum between initial point and contact point.
The system has been tested in static line parachute jumps, military frefall jumps, waterborne operations, forced marches, trekking, and actual missions in Europe and Africa. It is in active duty since 2014 with undisclosed European Counter Terror Units.

Financial information

Financial information:

We offer for sale the patents pack and intellectual rights for manufacture and sell this system, for 1,250,000. 00 (one million two hundred and fifty thousands) USD.
The pack includes:
1. Patent package comprising active US US10188197, International WO2016062745, Chinese CN106998892, European EP3058308 (with additional validation in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK), Israeli IL251447, Russian Federation RU0002664363, and Spanish patents ES2567483 and ES2585362.
2. The system is ready for production. The manufacturer is an European Ministry of Defence certified company, which produces the system under Military Regulation PECAL/AQAP-2110 and Quality Regulation UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008.
3. All the production drawings, templates, tools and production manuals are Berry compliant, and ready in English language in case of a feasible production in US mainland, with the exception of the integrated harness for SPIE/HRST operations, and the positive buoyancy subsystem for water operations (Integrated harness and buoyancy subsystem designs are sold apart).
4. User, maintenance and repair manuals, training materials, video tutorials, technical support and feedback reporting system are ready in English language.

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