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Multi-purpose cargo delivery and space debris removal system

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A debris removal system that includes at least a control module that includes a debris contact module storage area, a maneuverable arm and camera storage area, a maneuverable arm, a camera, and a universal coupler socket; a guidance, control, and communications unit; a maneuvering module, wherein the maneuvering module includes fuel/propellant storage containers that provide fuel/propellant, via a control and fuel/propellant delivery conduit, to one or more control thrusters; a propulsion module, wherein the propulsion module includes fuel/propellant storage containers that provide fuel/propellant to at least one primary thrust device; and a debris contact module, wherein the debris contact module includes a debris contact member attached or coupled to a debris contact element, and wherein a universal coupler pin extends from the debris contact member so as to allow the debris contact module to be attached or coupled to the universal coupler socket of the control module.

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