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New car brake technology

[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Automotive Accessories ]
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Hello dear friends. I wish all the people who are working for the comfort of human beings to achieve the best.
First of all, accept my apology for the flaw in my writing.
I have been researching modern cars for a while, and I noticed a weakness or stagnation in some parts, and I tried to make all car systems as ideal as possible in terms of technology. In the car, parts such as the wheels and tires and the brake system have progressed very little.
I love innovation and I never like to repeat something. The limitation is like a stop sign or a red light, but it's a big difference. The stop sign and the red light are pressed by someone else so that we notice the movement ... !!! But the limit of the key is beyond our fears, and we cannot reach the key until we pass through our fears.
I have useful and widely used ideas, inventions and designs in various fields. In the automotive industry, I have designed a brake system. This is an incredibly modern system that complies well with environmental and safety regulations. In the new system, the wheel discs and brake pads have been removed ... We will never go to the repair shop again to finish the brake pads and break the brake disc or the sound of the brake pads. And we don't need to produce brake pads ... this is a modern system for modern cars. Surprise the automotive industry.

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Dear friends ... If the goal is immortality, it will swallow your happiness and then the Lord will be proud of his creation ... So let's try to make our Lord proud and decent in the face of the devil(resam)
Dear friends, if you have capital for business and you can't add your capital, I suggest that you partner with me in this project so that we can make progress on both sides ... My condition is honesty and integrity, because if a person is not honest, God will hinder his progress. The earth is not a place for the devil ... This invention is a huge change in the automotive industry because the disc and brake pads have been removed and replaced by an extraordinary force that amazes every human being. If you have any questions, please contact me via email ... I have many inventions that can be implemented at low cost and high profit.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article ... Hope to see days full of love and affection and peace of mind for your kind hearts ... I wish good luck to all those who are concerned about solving the problems of our fellow human beings. Thank you very much.
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