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[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- BUSINESS METHODS- Heating & Cooling]
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A system of tubes and chambers to transfer heat generated by the body to the hands with in a flow of air, thereby enabling the user to wear thin gloves that do not disturb critical sense of touch feedback and maintain hand comfort and blood circulation.
The vapor in the breath is isolated/managed to prevent it condensing and accumulating inside the gloves.

Financial information

Breath powered hand heating solution =
Increased productivity through improved H&S!

The Core Problem
Gloves capable of keeping the hands warm are too clumsy to work with. The standard quoted problems with wearing gloves is a loss of grip or dexterity but that is not correct, the actual problem is the loss of the sense of touch feedback.
AND Heat requires lots of energy - Battery and chemical technology cannot meet the energy demands of this problem in a practical way. For the foreseeable future this technology does not offer a solution.
That is why the outside work force are accepting the discomfort of the blood circulation to the hands switching off on a regular basis throughout the winter months. They may be wearing protective gloves but those are not capable of keeping the hands warm and the blood circulating.

Breath powered hand heating circumnavigates both problems -
It redistributes spare body heat to the hands rather than tries to generate extra heat
Preserves the sense of touch feedback as it only requires the use of a thin rubber glove to fire the heat energy all around the hands on a flow of slightly pressurised air maximising heat conduction into the hands.

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