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Thermal resistors 700% cheaper heating.

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My new prototype system is new type of costruction philosophy-tecnology of electric resistors with out electricity resistant as usual system and phisics to be heating.To be more specific is "ultra low electric resistance thermal gas tube".With 200watt can be give more up of 1200-1400watt as thermal production compared to conventional resistors.
Can be work on any system with tube resistors type.
Can be work as central system of homes heating with only 1kw per 100square meters home with same or better thermal production of gas!!!
Is not give the 1kw power of electricity at thermal power,gives 5-7kw at least compared to conventional electric thermal resistors and 500-700watt as power efficiency of heating output.

I want partnerships to be give it official number of patent and i need 100000€ for this because i want to protect it for maximum big power production line countrys.
For 100000€ i will give to you 20% (with the new reduced temporary price) of total rights on my patent with production rights!

With my new disings plans can be created plate resistors with vary high thermal efficiency!
My system can be works with and high capacity bateries.
Temperature limits of resistor safety is 700-800 celsius.
That tubes-resistors need to renew them after of 5-6years of 12-16hour/day/month of work.

Financial information

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i want to be make it official licence patent and i need lot of money.
Now is available for 0.8% of total price to be downlad all pages to check and buy at all after of working comfirm to be make it with official licence!
Be the first to this jackpot and you will not loose!

need mechanical engineering to comfirm the efficiency.

I have all important data to make small cheap and productive manufacture from 40000-70000$ and 3-4 experts workers total for this work.
Production line maybe is 3-10 resistors/hour depents from workers experience.With some modifications on resistor machines can be very more productive the line production, 15-50 resistors/hour posibly.
This manufacture can be give you milions if you make good marketing promotion because is for many engineering sectors and constructions and not only for my resistors!
For 70000-150000$ we going to much bigger production per day.

Just send me pm for any questions or doubts and we will resolve it.
Anything for payment reasons about guarantee of payment and construction functionality we will resolve it together with contracts or any other both of sides way to be guaranteed the patent payment and construction functionality.

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