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[Category : - Organic Chemistry- ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING]
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The present invention discloses a new fluorene compound and organic EL device using the compound. The organic EL device employing the new fluorene compound as host material can lower driving voltage, prolong half-lifetime. The fluorene compound can functions as blue emitting host material of a light emitting layer and improve CIE colour purity in blue emitting device. The fluorene compound are represented by the following formula(A): Wherein R1 to R6 are identical or different. R1 to R6 are independently selected from the group consisting of a hydrogen atom, a halide, alkyl group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms, a substituted or unsubstituted aryl group having 6 to 30 carbon atoms, a substituted or unsubstituted aralkyl group having 6 to 30 carbon atoms, a substituted or unsubstituted heteroaryl group having 6 to 30 carbon atoms. R7 ?R13 are identical or different R7 to R13 are independently selected from the group consisting of hydrogen atom, halide, alkyl group, aryl group, heteroaryl group. m and n are independently an integer of 0 to 3, X is selected from carbon or nitrogen.

Financial information

Lumtec, one of the leading OLED material suppliers, is looking for a non-exclusive or exclusive license with royalties, or a cross license w/o royalties, or an outright sale of the patent "US9040174".

OLED material has great market potential. Merck acquired an OLED patent portfolio for display applications from Konica Minolta Inc. The acquired portfolio comprises over 700 patent families.

Additionally, Universal Display Corporation (UDC) purchased BASF's OLED IP assets, which consisted of more than 500 issued and pending patents in the area of phosphorescent materials and technologies, and acquired the entire worldwide patent portfolio of more than 1,200 OLED patents and patent applications from Fujifilm Corporation.

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