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[Category : - HUMAN NECESSITIES- RENEWABLE ENERGY- Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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A skate with a stowable and/or removable roller, blade, ski, or track assembly, It is convertible between walking boots and skating boots via a lever/slider-handle
US Patented Design 2019 (Utility Patent) For Sale by Owner - 100% Eco Friendly when used - Skate for Humanity - $3 billion potential profit/year worldwide
Patent Document: Link
Our patented design covers:
1. Unlock using a lever/handle, slide (with the lever), swing, stow & lock
2. Unlock using a lever/handle, swing, slide (with the lever), stow & lock
3. Unlock using a lever/handle, slide, release
4. Unlock using a lever/handle, swing, release
5. Different types of assembly (Roller, Ice-Skating blade, Track, ski assembly)
6. Lock using Camlock and gear lock.
7. Walking Boots into Roller boots, and Roller boots into walking boots
It also comes with a domain name:
Prototype using Plastic ABS/Polycarbonate is also available for show.
3D design using Solidworks software is also available for show.
This skate solves the problem of Environmental, Public Transportation, and Military Robotic Design.
Because it is so small, much smaller than bicycle. People can widen their "Skating" Radius. They will be able to walk at least 4x faster with less energy spending, which means they may be able to achieve 4x normal walking distance within the same amount of time. Public Transportation will highly benefit from greater human walking distance, making public transportation more effective in dense population areas. People will be able to save money, walk faster & further (Potentially saves the money meant to buy a transportation device like cars, etc). This is a utility patent, so it covers any design.
Compared to the existing green transportation technology like bicycle, etc, This technology is much smaller. If three bikes will fit into any bus or elevator. This technology will allow at least 30 people to fit into the bus or elevator.
Compared to the existing skate technology, this technology allows people to safely walk up the stairs because people can just store the wheels at the back of the foot.
Military Robotic Research will also benefit from the "Swing & Slide & Lock" design because its wheels can be stored or be deployed.

Financial information

Looking for an outright sale + Royalty combination.
Market Potential is probably 3 Billion dollar a year.
Please check our website Link
Domain is included in the sale.
Also check our patent document Link

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