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900% more dispersion for gas or smoke grenades of army or police.

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My system will dispersion the gases diametrical of circle point 300% with x 3.14=900% (because is cirle dispersion) total dispersion on flat area at time of droping the smoke or gas grenade.
That i disined with only some engineering modifications on grenade unit.
Works on any power of air speed at the droping areas.
Must be a flat ground place like a flat road.
Designed for grenade launcher and hand grenades.
I give it with any guarantee of 100% work!

Financial information

I bid it from 9000$ for 1 month

Just send me pm for any questions or doubts and we will resolve it.
Anything for payment reasons about guarantee of payment and construction functionality we will resolve it together with contracts or any other both of sides way to be guaranteed the patent payment and construction functionality.

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