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Firing weapon without brass cases works with gas mixing triggering

[Category : - OTHER- DESIGN PATENTS- Fishing and hunting]
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Needs profesional redesign from mechanical designer to be costructed in manufactures cnc machines

My weapon system can be firing with the same power of bullets with powder but without brass cases and detonator.
It very simple and works only with chemical gases mixing with self detonating reaction in mix chamber.

The positives:
1) has very low weight
2) very big capacity in magazine
3) never fail of firing
4) no needs cleaning
5) no smell and smoke
6) very big firing gases capacity up to 500 shoots
7) works automatic&semi
8) adjustable power with lower&higher from conventionally weapons
9) simple refuelling gases and very safe
10) very cheaper from any reloading ammo
11) very few parts of mechanism
12) very safe and simple in use
13) no brass cases flow to the ground
14) never blocking
15) no dangerus for health (same as the lighter)
16) use only bullets (molds&full metal jacket)

The negatives:
1) it makes noise.
2) needs some seconds or minute of gases chamber refuelling after 500 shoots (that change with bigger chamber of gases or gas magazine with modify).

It was idea before years..comeout from old files and now is ready for sell.

Best modification and redesign from buyers will be for gatling guns!

Financial information

Price down to be colect the money for officialy licences for my other innovations.
Posibly the max cost of production is 2-4 times up of good quality airgun weapons because have steel parts and specialized air valves.

Selling price is for all wallets of manufactors and investors on thoose sectors.

Just send me pm for any questions or doubts and we will resolve it.
Anything for payment reasons about guarantee of payment and construction functionality we will resolve it together with contracts or any other both of sides way to be guaranteed the patent payment and construction functionality.

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