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Kids light up plate

[Category : - Appliances and houseware]
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My invention is a kids plate that the entire plate top lights up with defernt colors to illuminate a skin top with patterns on it. There can be many types of skin covers you can simple slip over the plate top, and watch the lights bring the pattern to live.

This invention is perfect for kids age 4 months to 14 years old, and for use any time of the year.

This invention would be great at restaurants, and at home to keep kids entertained during dinner
This invention will keep kids from getting distracted, will encourage them to eat because the more they eat, the more of the pattern design they get to see.
Most importantly it's a fun plate to eat on!

This invention will help ensure kids get the nutrients they need from there meal, because this invention will keep them from getting distracted, and stop eating
This invention cuts down on food waste as the child is more likely to finish there meal when eating on this plate.
Easy to care for design, just wipe with a dish cloth, put the dirty pattern top in the dishwasher. While the other pattern cover is in the dishwasher slip on another pattern cover, and it's ready to have food served on it.

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