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The present invention relates to an apparatus for water descaling. The system comprises hydrodynamic cavitation reactors with a cavitator selected from the group consisting of an orifice plate, venturi and a rotating cavitator, in combination with an infrared radiation emitter. Combination of hydrodynamic cavitation reactor with infrared radiation achieves effective salt precipitation from the hard water with reduced pressure drop and reduced number of recirculation, resulting in higher savings due to reduced energy costs.

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Water Descaling in combination with cavitation and IR LEDs will have potential applications in industrial scale - Cooling Tower descaling. The granted invention in the US can also be used in B2C point of use devices such as Washing machines, coffee machines, multi-beverage drink machines. Unlike the most of the traditional descaling methods, the said invention does not require any chemicals.Also IR LEDs will have ample lifetime of average of 50,000 hrs. The said patent is also granted in Singapore - 11201507057T and European patent is being pursued for its grant with following EP20140767759. The first independent claim of these granted patents is very broad covering all the possibilities and offering the highest patent protection. I am seeking companies in the IR LEDs domain or companies manufacturing Pumps or OEM in the consumer space or manufacturer of Cooling Towers that requires periodic or continuous descaling.

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