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Covid or virus identifier

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Overview of The Patent Pending

Although the UK government has a track and trace system in place, the public have understandable reservations about the amount of technological surveillance required and, without the full support of the public, the track and trace system will not work.
I have invented a tracing system that does not require such intrusive technology and is therefore expected to be widely accepted. Furthermore, it employs existing and proven technology and is extremely cost-effective. Furthermore, as scientists predict that we may face equally novel and vaccine-less viruses in the future, this technology can easily be adapted to face these challenges. The implications of failing to effectively manage this virus are huge and well-documented.
I already have considerable interest from patent attorneys, who have urged me to pursue this patent.

The Concept in Brief:
• Allows any person to immediately identify (1) individuals with the virus, (2) individuals now clear of the virus, (3) individuals who have not been tested and, (4) whether an induvial has isolated and the time spent isolated
• The invention utilises common software, with a patent pending linked product

My invention will reduce the need for social distancing and therefore enable businesses to run as normal, enabling the economy to recover faster and for social lives to return to normal. The need for PPE outside of medical settings will also be reduced and the invention should reduce fear and anxiety of contracting the virus within the general population.

Thank you in advance,

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