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[Category : - OTHER- HEALTH]
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The present invention relates to filters suitable for cigarettes to filter harmful substances from tobacco smoke and relates to a multi-component filter comprising a bed of adsorbent, wherein the bed of adsorbent comprises a ground herbal mixture.

The Multi-component filter can be manufactured in various ways.
First of all, is to comprise the herbal mixture in the filter machinery and make it like a filter holder shape, distinguishes itself on the outside of a not well-known cigarette filter, Also the taste and the softness of the filter is distinguished between the lips is not of a "normal" filter cigarette smokers. However, the difference between the two internal filters is significant, because the Multi-component filter has better filtering properties, which the smoker's will greatly improve their own health. **** For this option is available a design plan for all needed machines to manufacture the Multi-component filter, which is made by one of the biggest making machines worldwide.

A second possibility is the production of the filter may be part of a continuous production line, as is the case in cigarette factories.

A Third possibility is to comprise the herbal filter, and these filters can be combined with commercially available filter housings, whereupon a tobacco rod by known means in the filter housing can be inserted.

Financial information

I am looking to sell the patent outright. The market potential for the cigarette smoke is USD 849.09 billion in 2019.

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