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[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Construction Processes & Equipment- Boating]
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A fuel tank filter assembly and fuel system designed to be used as fuel is initially added to a vehicle. A removable, and cleanable filter sock is provided comprised of mono filament capable of straining micro particles. A pressure release locking cap is also provided. The unique design of the filter sock allows fuel to flow at a normal rate while still catching and thereby removing unwanted debris. There is a smaller more cost effective version of my patent that can and will work with any machinery that runs on or pass liquid for combustion or flowing. My design allows any liquid to be filtered or stained of contaminants.

What benefits does the invention provide?

• Most fuel comes to us from rusty, underground tanks where condensation collects and disintegrates tank materials and gets passed into our fuel tanks.
Gasoline carries debris and particles that can harm a vehicle's fuel system and engine if not properly filtered or screened out.  This product protects internal fuel filters, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, cylinders, prevents piston scarring and engine failure from debris related failure. This product was created as a result of a helicopter incident that happened to me where the fuel system and engine failed due to being clogged with debris.

What about the invention is novel?   

•My idea will save money in fuel costs by extending fuel mileage and saving the engine and fuel system component costs to repair or replace. Cleaner fuel equals cleaner combustion.

What does the invention do that is not currently available?        

• My patented invention is the only one of it's kind. It filters fuel at the same rate of any fuel filling pump without splash back or blockage. It is the only filter that can catch engine killing debris down to 5 microns. This product allows consumers some control for preventive maintenance of and fuel driven vehicle.
What problem does the patented invention fix?                                                    

•It keeps fuel system and engine burning cleaner fuel. If dirt or particles enter the fuel system it can and will clog your fuel pump and fuel injectors as well as scar cylinders by grinding between the pistons and the cylinder walls which will degrade and damage the internal engine components.

What types of companies - by industry- would buy your patent?                          

•Any industry that uses fuel of any type to power any engine including but not limited to automotive, heavy equipment, boating, and aviation.

What would the product be that a company that bought your patent would create from the invention?                            

• I hope my patent will be used by any company to help people around the world keep their personal and business vehicles running strong and well.

Who would the end-user customers be for the product created by your patent?   

•The end users are individuals and companies that want to keep engines running smoothly. I could see this idea on the shelves of Tractor Supply or an auto store. As a military retiree I have personally seen the damage of what dirty fuel can do to heavy large vehicles.

With the industry-wide movement to electric vehicles, why would car companies invest in technology for gasoline vehicles?    

•Companies that use any fuel based engine will benefit from my fuel filter. This isn't an engine redesign. It's a small part that will help maintain engines already being used. Electric cars are selling in modest amounts. That technology is still evolving and growing whereas my invention improves the life of engines using proven fuel technology. Electric cars are still not main stream in the US or the world right now and it will be many, many years before this technology could overtake the fossil fuel market. My biggest supporters will be the manufacturers relying on the fossil fuel industry especially heavy equipment and large trucks which will not be replaced by electric anytime soon. There are the Teslas of the world, but most people will continue to drive less expensive fuel driven vehicles for years to come. This will give my product a chance to excel in this market.

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