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The All-In-One B-Board Caddy Continuation is an extension of the original US Patent 9,205,951 described below. It adds a collapsible, stowable wheeled dolly cart which can be fitted to the bottom of the upper/inner storage container to solve the issue of mobility when disengaged from the lower/outer unit. While designed to be used with this rectangular container, it could feasibly be used successfully with other shaped containers as well.

The B-Board Caddy is a reconfigurable 3-piece rectangular organizational filing storage unit for larger items such as bulletin board and speaker presentation displays, posters, big books, artist prints, etc. and board trims, rolled prints, or rolled bulletin board paper. It is remarkable in that it is stackable, waterproof, lockable, and has a built in cubby to hold the trim box or loose rolled items. It’s caster wheels make it portable/mobile. Additional features include grooved inner side walls to securely hold the flat-bottomed plastic file folders in place. The upper unit can be easily nested within the lower unit when not in use. Removable lids protect the contents within and allow for secure stacking. The trim box includes slotted inner walls and dividers to hold in place/separate decorative tagboard trim or rolled paper items. The parts of this caddy can be sold separately and expanded upon as one’s collection grows, or it can be sold together as the all-in-one unit described. It can also be reconfigured in different sizes to accommodate other needs such as artist prints frequently transported to art fairs and the like. The second continuation patent provides an adjustable, collapsible dolly cart for the upper/inner unit when used independent of the lower/outer unit to maintain ease of mobility.

Teachers/presenters around the world need some form of storage for their reusable wall/board displays. Current items available for bulletin board/poster storage are inferior to this product. Cardboard bulletin board/poster boxes cannot be stacked unless propped on both sides to keep them from falling and dumping the contents. The weight of stacked boxes can crush the boxes and the contents of the box(es) below. The only means of transporting the materials is to lift it or push/pull it across the floor. The weight of the box contents often causes the bottom of the box to drop out while lifting it, or the cardboard handle grips to tear off instead. The cardboard file folders inside are V-shaped which means the bottoms of the posters, etc placed in the folders get smashed and the tops of the folder bulges, making it difficult to cover the box. The cardboard box and all its contents are easily damaged by water spillage/flooding. Finally, there is no way to secure its contents. The other storage option currently available is a vinyl bulletin board tote with a carrying handle which is limited in size, capacity, and use.

The mobile All-In-One Stackable Bulletin Board Caddy eliminates all these shortcomings and is clearly the superior choice.

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