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Toilet Flange Tile Guide

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Almost 100,000 Toilet Flange Tiles Guides have been sold in the last 5 years. This award winning product was part of the Number One new product technology rated by PM Plumbing Mechanical Magazine in 2016. There are over 5 million bathrooms that either are re-modeled or built as new construction in America each year using tile floors so the upside sales potential is huge. This is the only product available that is adhered to the floor sealing the area around any toilet flange protecting the area from future water damage, mold and rot. It makes tiling easier with no nipping or grinding tiles to fit around any round toilet flange. The label is part of the patent and works a debris barrier. The smart investor will need sizeable marketing dollars to make this product an everyday commodity but with huge potential profits. Toilet Flange Tile Guides have been sold in every Menards, and in 3% of all the Home Depots and Lowes. HD and Lowes would not agree to distribute nationally without a national marketing campaign to create product demand. 100,000 units have been sold with no marketing dollars spent. I stopped doing business with these box stores because of all the fees and insurances they require made profitability from sales of only 3% of all their stores impossible. There is 10 years left on the primary patent and 11 years on a defensive patent (US 9,249,586) which is also included.
The owner does not have the dollars needed for a national marketing campaign which is his loss but could be your gain. The purchase includes 2 patents and the injection mold needed for production. The copyrighted name (Toilet Flange Tile Guide) already has a brand awareness that can be developed by spending marketing dollars. There has never been one warranty claim in 5 years. Menards does want the product back in stock. The successful buyer will receive store contacts for HD, Lowes and Menards.

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Pictured with the PM Plumbing Magazine 2016 issue is the Watertight Toilet Flange which is now branded as the “Medical Grade Toilet Flange”. The flange is still in the patent process and there are 10,000,000 toileting leaking in America right now. This product was also in 3% of all HD’s and Lowes with strong sales but again they would not put this product in all their stores without a strong marketing campaign. It is the only flange in the world that protects plumbers and home owners from sewage leaks that contain diseases like covid19 because it has a sealed bottom and cannot leak. The injection mold and the copyrighted Brand name can also be purchased for an additional $100,000.00

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