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Aconcagua guided climb

[Category : - Camping and Outdoors ]
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Aconcagua hike is the most preferred expedition around the world. Since forever, hikers have this unquenchable thirst for climbing the mountain to gaze at the unparalleled beauty. The first attempt on Aconcagua was documented a long ago by a german mountaineer Paul Gussfeldt. However, the summit was untouched by him below 1,000 ft from the mountain due to the fierce high winds. Later it was discovered the road taken by Gussefeldt during the Aconcagua hike was a 360 route which is the toughest one. There is another way which is called the normal route that takes you to the summit safely. Speaking of the more recent times, the Aconcagua hike has been a common term to be listed on their journey. Our Aconcagua guided climb starts from western Argentina with privileges to know about the American continent. Whether you’re a solo traveler or with a group, our guided climbs suits all with experts packed with decades of experiences. So, touch the summit on your Aconcagua hike journey with little help from our end. Browse us to know more.

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