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Breakthrough in Grip design

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I created the cross cut Groove pattern initially for drumsticks. I got tired of my hands slipping and I was sanding and taping my drumsticks. I launched Cooper Groove Performance Drumsticks on Facebook in late 2015. Turns out the Grooves not only increase grip, keep hands dry and stimulate pressure points (as opposed to the smooth flat surface of traditional drumsticks); they also greatly decrease shock. This, in turn, does a lot. It decreases fatigue, cramps, tingling and even eliminates pain for several drummers.

I created and tested a prototype on wooden baseball bats. It does all of the above. This game changing design also prevents injuries. It can be applied to golf grips, motorcycle/bicycle grips, tool handles, pool cues and even be made into a grip wrap tape which can be applied to anything with a handle. Also, steering wheels, hand held medical devices. The material can be wood, metal, rubber, etc.

There is nothing like this design on the market, not in any of these categories. This is a game changing innovative and breakthrough design with massive potential.

Financial information

I sold approximately $150,000.00 in drumsticks in less than four years. 99% of that was from satisfied customers posting on Facebook (where I launched in the fall of 2015).

I am looking to sell or license the design. Again, there is massive potential in many markets. Sports, Music, Auto, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Household goods, Commercial, etc. Once prototypes are made and tested, sky is the limit. The market potential is definitely in the millions. is the website.

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