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Vibrating suppository

[Category : - HEALTH]
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Clear and precise statement of the benefits of the plan:
1- Very fast and local relief of constipation
2- Appropriate and adjustable vibration to stimulate the anal canal without any side effects
3- Observing hygienic cases in comparison with the finger method that has been done so far.
4- Very simple technology in product design and production
5- Very good price (compared to its high use) due to the mechanism
Simple device
This device has been patented in Iran, and a photo of the patent document is available
This device is used in the toilet
It should be noted that this device does not cure constipation but eliminates it
This device is installed in the toilet and can be used by everyone. The disposable baroque that is used and stretched on the suppository can be used by everyone. Dear manufacturer. In addition to making the device itself, it can also make money from making disposable covers

Financial information

This invention is very desirable in terms of economics and justification.I have a master's in marketing and I approve of this plan.
The economic benefits of this invention are as follows:
1. Relatively convenient and low cost setup for the manufacturer
2. Relatively high demand and large target market
3- The exclusivity of this method in the whole world for the first time
4. Has a patent certificate
5. Low cost for the consumer, which increases sales and production
All of these are economic benefits of this invention
My first suggestion for commercializing this invention is a profit sharing model. Of course, I am a negotiator, and if the esteemed investor had another opinion and proposed another model, we can talk to each other and finally agree.
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