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HNF Shield

[Category : - HEALTH]
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In view of the pandemic situation in the World from Covid 19, the healthcare professionals remain continuously on work adorned with protective equipment all over the face, tiring the facial and neck musculature
I have innovated a device (Patent pending), particularly,
Protective device for head neck and face
(Application No.202021017195 A (19)
Date of filing of Application :22/04/2020
Publication Date : 26/06/2020
The presented invention intends to provide an all in one device with coverage of the protective equipment till the neck region, which is light weight and at the same time allows flexion and extension of the neck musculature
A light weight, easy to wear, all in one, simple and inexpensive device for use by health care professionals
Other professions as well as housework where such kind of protection deemed useful
People undertaking strenuous work, during which breathing through mask becomes difficult
Its salient features being
Single device to protect the nose, mouth, eye area of the wearer along with the face, neck and head
Reducing the necessity of wearing numerous equipment over the face and head
Light weight and comfortable
Allow neck movements back and forth with complete neck extensions
Strategically placed air vent
Easy to remove without touching and contaminating the body of the wearer
Could be made available in a folded manner in envelope packaging
The invention is open for assignment for a possible technology transfer!

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