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EP patent - Generating energy from sewage & waste for just 9990€

[Category : - RENEWABLE ENERGY- Motors]
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Hydroenergetic motor is innovative device that enables the hydropower potential of the 'problematic' fluids to be exploited where this exploitation of hydropotential energy is not technically feasible by means of conventional hydro turbines due to the specific physical properties of the propellant (for instance: very dense or high viscosity liquids, fluids of variable density with a solid content in it as well as multiphase fluids). One of the potential applications of the hydroenergetic motor is to obtain energy from the sewage liquid, wastewater or sludge water. It can be used to use the hydraulic energy of sewage in skyscrapers and residential complexes with a large number of residential units. Since it is a robust device, maintenance is very simple (only periodic cleaning is needed) so the investment in the hydroenergetic motor to be built in in the sewage system is profitable. All the components of the hydroenergetic motor can be made of cheap material – plastic, impliying that the initial investment in the installation of this unit is less than the investment in other types of environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources.
Hydroenergetic motor as well as its application IP rights are granted by the EP Office, mark EP 3574209 B1, by the International Patent Protection Office (PCT), mark WO/2018/226166 and by the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, No. 25260. Applications have been filed for the extension of the IP rights in the US, China and India.

Financial information

Besides selling the IP rights, there is possibility for the licensing of the construction and installation of the device: 99€/pc.

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