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SPRAY HEAD WITH REFILL VALVE and Molded Attachable funnel

[Category : - OTHER- Automotive Accessories - Cleaning devices]
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There are 2 innovations in 1 patent.

The first spray head that allows a fluid concentrate, water or a premix solution of fluid to be introduced into a spray bottle without taking the spray head off the bottle and unscrewing it. The spray head self vents the escaping air and has a membrane cutting ring for a one handed operation, a quick, clean refill, without any mess. With the multiple seals, the spray bottle is completely leak proof and therefore child proof, a common industry problem.

The molded funnel is the very first funnel that attaches to any spray bottle or laundry detergent container. Any bottle can be scanned with a 26 million point laser for a precise fit to any plastic or glass bottle. The funnel can be used for concentrate fluid delivery, pre mixed solution refills and for refilling a container with water at the kitchen or bathroom faucet. Never look for or loose a funnel again, the funnel stays with the bottle at all times.

A spray head for a spray bottle includes a spray mechanism connected to a tube that extends into the spray bottle. The spray mechanism draws fluid from a bottom of the spray bottle, through the tube, to produce a spray of the fluid. A threaded female fitting attaches to a threaded top of the spray bottle. The threaded female, when screwed on to the threaded top of the spray bottle, securely attaches the spray head to the spray bottle. A refill valve, when opened, provides a conduit to refill the spray bottle so that fluid can be poured into the spray bottle without unscrewing the threaded fitting and removing the spray head from the spray bottle. A refill valve cap, when in a shut position, closes the refill valve to prevent spilling of the liquid when the spray bottle is not being refilled.

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